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Canister filters provide superior mechanical, chemical, and biological filtration for larger aquariums or aquariums with a lot of fish. The body or "canister" portion of the filter is significantly larger than most power filters - imagine how much media canister filters are able to hold! Depending on the model, canister filters will have one to three (or more) large media baskets to hold different filter media types. Each media type is layered on top of each other to maintain excellent water quality. Compared to power filters, canister filters require slightly more effort to set up and maintain. However, you will be amazed by their filtering power. These multipurpose filters are ideal for African and South American Cichlid aquariums, saltwater aquariums, as well as freshwater planted aquariums.

Product Specifications:

  • VOLTAC230/115V
  • FREQ50/60Hz
  • POWER18W
  • HMAX1.2M
  • QMAX1000L/H
  • SIZE225x265x448mm

It has the feature of high efficiency, big capacity and multi-functional: with built-in uv sterilization.

Multilayer filtering function, separate switch control of the uv sterilizer.

The water inlet and outlet are integrated in the valve control, easy for maintenance.

Integrated in big flow and high quality pump, quiet while running.

Safe rubber “o” ring and lid lift-lock clamp, free of leakage.

Rubber feet to reduce the vibration.

Additional Information
Applicable ScopeSuitable for both marine and fresh water fish tank filtering.