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These handy filters are recommended for any hobbyist requiring reduced water movement inside their aquariums. They are best suited for small aquariums housing tropical schooling fish such as neon or danios. They have the advantage of space saving as they hang up at the back of the aquarium hence allowing even more space for the fish to occupy. The replacement filter cartridges are often sold seperately for ease of maintenance making these filters a very good choice.

Product Specifications:

  • VOLTAC230/115V
  • FREQ50/60Hz
  • QMAX150L/H
  • SIZE85x97x190mm

Unique design. water-pumping, water-circulation and water filtering 3 in 1. Compact structure, beautiful aspect, simple assembly, and easy operation. 

The filter contains multilayer biochemical filter system, which combines the latest decomposing technology of physics and biology, it is most suitable for cultivating good nitrobacteria, improving filter effect, and keeping the water crystal clear. 

Waterfall type stream design. The stream can be adjusted at will to wave the water surface that helps to release the carbon dioxide from the water, and to dissolve the oxygen into the water for the aquatic animals.

The pump motor is high-efficient, energy-saving with low noise. When the filter works, you can hear the chatters like mountain spring, enjoy the beautiful view of waterfall and stream that will give you pleasure to your life.


Additional Information
Applicable ScopeSuitable for water-circulation, biochemical water filtering and adding oxygen into the water in various aquariums