Best aquarium size

An underwater habitat contained in a glass cube, the larger the space, the better the habitat will be able to sustain itself. With that said, a bigger fish tank is better. 

Before you buy an aquarium, do some research to determine what blend of aquatic creatures you’d like to keep. This will be a starting point for determining size.

Guidelines on choosing an aquarium size

For a collection of small schooling fish, 10 to 30 US gallons is suitable however 10 US gallons cannot hold many fish.

Consider the maximum size of the species. Keeping larger tropical fish species like piranhas, some sharks, tin foil barbs or big cichlids will need at least 40 US gallons.

Fancy goldfish require minimum 30 US gallons as they get quite large and messy creating a heavy bio-load. Growth can be stunted of not given enough space. Even though they are slow movers, they need plenty of room.

For 70 US gallons and up, consider the floor structure – water weighs 3.78 pounds per US gallon plus the weight of the aquarium. 

Aquarium shape is another important consideration. A tall tank will be more difficult to reach the bottom although it may look nicer from the larger viewing area. Bow front aquariums are a stylish addition and look elegant along with fancy furniture in a formal living room.

We strongly advise avoiding fish bowls. They don’t offer enough space and lack of aeration usually causes smelly water problems and premature death. The only exception is Betta fish which should always be in a bowl-type container.