African Cichlids


The king of Lake Tanganyika, this showpiece can attain lengths over 12 inches! "Fronts," as they're affectionally called, are by far the most popular african cichlid. It's not just their impressive size or elaborate fins alone that make them so popular among aquarists, but rather their amiable and outgoing personality. This fish is like a puppy - after a short acclimization period, they'll eat right out of your hand. Frontosas are a large peaceful cichlid that will swim gracefully with its long finnage. Give them a nice rocky setup to make them happy!

Electric Yellow

Yellow labs are from Lake Malawi, Africa. They are beautiful, hardy and their name is derived from their extremely yellow vivid colour. One note though: these little guys are pigs, and will quickly become obese if you feed them every time they look hungry. They learn quickly that a person approaching the tank usually means a feeding, and will wriggle against the glass, stare at you, follow your every move, and all but jump out of the water in hopes that food is forthcoming. Overfeeding will not only make them fat and unhealthy.

Electric Blue Hap

The Electric Blue Hap has long been a favorite among African cichlid keepers because of its intense electric blue coloring. It comes from Lake Malawi, Africa. This is an ideal fish for the beginning cichlid keeper. The silver colored female may not seem like this is the best fish for a pet, but the brilliant blues of the male more than make up for the lack of color of the females. These are a wonderful fish, very entertaining to watch and very curious about the world outside their tank!

Red Empress

The red empress is a very beautiful African variety. The males generally color up around 8 cm. They are very aggressive against other males of their kind and it is not recommended to have more than one male in a tank unless the tank is very large. Generally, rocks and caves are needed, but these structures must be planned to allow for plenty of available swimming room. The red empress is a great addition to any african tank.


The Auratus is an aggressive cichlid which has an oval body. The females have several black horizontal stripes trimmed with white and basically has a golden colour - more prominent on its underside.. The males are generally blue. A very hardy fish, it can be mixed with other Lake Malawi cichlids in a arge aquarium consisting of rocks - NO WOOD - wood makes the water acidic overtime and Lake Malawi has hard water. 

Red Top Zebra

These are quite beautiful specimens. They are called Red Top because of the noticeably orangish, yellowish pigmented area, at the upper edge of the dorsal and caudal fins. Most specimens are from a bluish white, to iridescent white. Another feature is also the vertical black lines that characterize the "zebra" complex. Like all other african cichlids, they have the typical behavior of being aggressive, territorial and active. Rock work also plays a good role in maintaining them so they can thrive. 


Kribensis is a dwarf cichlid. The basic colour of these cichlids is ivory with a brown lateral band which runs horizontally. But when in full colour, the colouring of these cichlids can be quite impressive. They will exhibit colours of intense red, purple, oranges and yellows if right water conditions are obtained. Kribensis are peaceful to other fish but sometimes they can be very aggressive during breeding times and to each other. 


The jewel cichlid grows around 10-15 cm. It is an African cichlid that can be quite fierce, especially when it is breeding. It maintains a large territory - to be kept in large tanks with rocks and hiding places. When in full colour, they are orange to red with several rows of blue iridescent flecks. Males are more colourful than females, slightly larger than females and females are rounder. They tend to dig into the substrate. They can be kept with large, tough fish only - it is a very hard fish to combine with others.