American Cichlids

German Blue Ram

The Blue ram is indeed one of the most peaceful and beautiful cichlids of all. They are dwarf cichlids as they grow to 5cm. They comprise of many enchanting colours. The most striking feature of the blue ram are its blue iridescent flecks and the black spot and vertical band it has. The males are more colourful than the females. These fish have a bad reputation to die, they only live for 2 years or if you're lucky, maybe 3 years. 


Discus fish are considered king of all aquarium tropical fish and rightfully so. They can be very rewarding and provides fun and satisfaction when the areas of discus fish care are properly planned. Discus fish will recognize and inter act with you. This sets them apart from the tropical fish that just swim, eat and hide. They will recognize you and eagerly rush to greet you and discus fish will eat out your hand. This personable behavior of discus fish is a main reason hobbyists become so infatuated with them. As you get to know these marvelous creatures and their ways, a full blown love affair will develop.


Angelfish are one of the grandest fish in the hobby. These seemingly docile fish should not be trusted with small fish as they have a true cichlid appetite. These fish become 15 cm or more. These fish aren't the brightest colored fish in the hobby, but make up for it in their stunning shape and finage. They are quite easily bred, and reared moderately easily. They will have an occasional fight, typical of cichlids. If the discus is KING of the aquarium fish, the angelfish is definitely the QUEEN.


A beautiful and personable fish, they are easily bought very inexpensively at a small size, but the eventual size of the fish should be considered before purchase. Oscars grow very rapidly, as much as 3 cm per month if well fed, sometimes more. They tend to slow down at 18-20 cm, but will eventually reach 30 cm. A high-volume filter is also a necessity, as the fish are messy eaters, and regardless of tank size, regular water changes should be performed in order to keep the fish in good health.


Severum Cichlids are South American Cichlids from the northern Amazon region of Brazil.. Severum Cichlids tend to resemble their larger cousins, the Discus cichlids, in body shape and feature a laterally compressed oval shaped frame. Their strongest deviation from the Discus fish is in their coloring and size. They tend to only reach about 18 cm whereas Discus can reach up to about 31 cm. They are mostly peaceful when kept with other similarly sized and tempered fish (except when spawning) and can be kept singly or as a mated pair.

Green Terror

Green Terrors are beautiful fish. Their body is a greenish white with many electric blue spots on the chin area. The males of this species have a longer tail fin, which is outlined in red. They are the second most owner responsive fish, other than the Oscar. Green Terrors are afraid of nothing, know how to hide from danger and are not overly aggressive. The Green Terror is generally peaceful with other fish of similar size, but can get more territorial as it matures.


These fish are the axe wielding, homicidal maniacs of the tropical fish world. If they were dogs you would have to muzzle them and license them as a dangerous breed. This species is a true survivor and a magnificently beautiful fish in full breeding colours. If you don't want to see fish breed, don't get convicts! If your convicts do begin breeding, remove all non convict fish from the tank to avoid any bodily harm or death to them!


The Firemouth is a beautiful fish, with lots of personality. When breeding and in a good mood, it shows a wonderful red-orange color on a good portion of its ventral area, which in some specimens extends to the pectoral and caudal fins. The body is generally white or gray, and sometimes silvery. The firemouth cichlid reaches up to 15 cm and though it is not an aggressive cichlid, it is a cichlid nonetheless, and can be quite unpredictable. it is not a good tankmate for most tetras or other small fish.

Jack Dempsey

The Jack Dempsey cichlid is named after former heavyweight boxing champion Jack Dempsey, since it is a strong and energetic fish. It is a sturdy fish that is easy to care for, but due to its aggressive temperament it is not recommended for novice aquarists. It has a base color of dark brown to gray, and displays many iridescent blue and green spots, giving this fish a spectacular look. When breeding, these colors will intensify.


You can't beat a Jaguar. Also known as the managuense cichlid, it combines spectacular colouration, and is one hell of an aggressive fish. Although this cichlid is a predator, it can be housed with other large cichlids, but sometimes will not tolerate other cichlids that are similar in color. Any fish that will fit into its mouth should not be kept in the same aquarium with the jaguar cichlid. The lower lip often extends up over the upper lip, sometimes revealing some of the front teeth.

Red Devil

Red Devil is a must own fish. Its common name “red devil” pretty much describes the behavior of this fish. Unless kept in a very large aquarium, the chances of it living peaceably with other fish is very slim. It will kill other fish relentlessly and without hesitation in a small tank, even bottom feeders which most other aggressive fish do not mind. However, they are very beautiful and have lots of personality because they can interact with their owners. It's quite funny how they try to attack you through the glass.