Care of Koi Slime Coat

A good healthy “slime coat” is vital to the health of your Koi Fish!

The slime coat covers the entire body of your koi fish acting as a “Suit of Armor”. The slime coat shields your koi fish from the deadly bacteria such as the Aeromonas/Pseudomonas in all koi fish ponds.

Any damage to your koi fish’s slime coat can cause serious bacterial infections. Deadly koi ulcers (open body sores) are the number one result of a damaged slime coat.

How can the slime coat on my koi fish be damaged?

• Parasites bite through the slime coat to “dine” on your koi fish. When they drop off; they leave a hole in the slime coat. Opening a way for the deadly bacteria in your pond water to enter your koi’s body. Once the bacteria enter your koi’s body it causes life threating bacterial infections.

• Sharp rocks or objects in your pond. When koi chase one another during breeding season or become scared they sometimes hit these sharp rocks and objects damaging their slime coat. Koi with parasites will flash causing damage your koi’s slime coat.

• Rough Handling. Netting can remove the slime coat.

What other koi fish problems can the slime coat tell me about the health of my koi?

• Slime coat that is very thick could be a sign of a heavy infestation of koi parasites

• Slime Coat is coming off of all my fish! A very good sign of a drop in your pond pH, check your pH NOW to prevent a deadly pH crash!

• My koi has no slime coat, my fish feel like sandpaper. A healthy koi produces slime coat very quickly, however a koi with the sandpaper-like skin is clear indication that it has been victim of the some of the tougher diseases such as Costia and Chilodonella.