Common Causes of Sick Koi

The Most Common Causes of Sick Koi

- Poor Pond Water Quality: 70% of all koi sickness is caused from poor pond water quality

• Filter not large enough for the size of the pond

• Not enough aeration: falsely thinking if you have a waterfalls, it’s enough aeration.

• Not doing weekly partial pond water changes.

• Not doing weekly pond water testing for ammonia, nitrites and pH

• Over cleaning your filter and filter media killing all the “Good Bacteria”

• Cleaning your filter and filter media with “City Water” that contains chlorine which kills all the “Good Bacteria”.

- Not quarantining new fish: VERY IMPORTANT!!!

- Over Feeding

- Over Crowding

- “Chemical Soup”: having sick koi and adding every medication you read about to your pond

Just by correcting these common causes, you can keep your koi happy and healthy.