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If your pond needs aeration, you can turn to an air compressor to get the job done. All air compressors used in ponds should be “oil-less” because, compared to their counterparts, they deliver higher quality, cleaner air, which is safer for the animals and plants, or aquaculture, in the pond water. Aquatic air compressors are more high-tech because they can move oxygen through water without breaking stratification, which means they won't mix the warm upper and cold lower pond water layers. 

Product Specifications:

  • VOLTAC230/115V
  • FREQ50/60Hz
  • POWER70W
  • PRESSURE0.035MPa
  • OUTPUT100L/min
  • WEIGHT3.4Kg
  • SIZE232x98x152mm

Electromagnetic linear motor, high efficiency, simple construction.

Smooth operation without oil lubrication, low energy consumption.

CAD-aided design, large air displacement, high voltage output.

SF3 composite bearings, low noise, long life.

Additional Information
Applicable ScopeSuitable for high-density aquaculture, for adding oxygen to large ponds and big aquariums.