Automatic Feeder

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This fully programmable automatic pond fish feeder with LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) control ensures ease-of-use. Set consistent portions from a minimum of three teaspoons to a maximum of 20 gram food to feed pond fish up to six times over a 24-hour period. Extra Feed, Advanced Feed and Manual Feed features let you customize feedings by allowing you to serve additional food at any time, schedule a preprogrammed mealtime sooner or serve a predetermined portion without programming mealtimes. Clog-free performance means reliable, automated meals for pond fish. It also features an automatic unblock function and a unique auger-style feeding mechanism. Corkscrew action prevents compaction as it dispenses preprogrammed portions of koi pond food pellets or sticks up to 5/8" in size. Also handles large, irregular pond fish foods for nutritionally varied feedings no longer limited to just pellet fish foods!


Large capacity hopper holds up to 5 liters of dry pond fish food.

Weather-resistant snap lock allows convenient refills. Easy-clean hopper and lid.

Nozzle and feed screw are dishwasher-proof for hassle-free upkeep.

It can be fastened to a secure base for increased stability.

Requires 4 four C size batteries, not included.