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Connected to a properly matched pond pump, pressure filters are ideal stand-alone filters for small to medium koi ponds. Pressure filters provide superior biomechanical filtration, removing particulate matter as well as toxic ammonia and nitrite. Water driven into the filter is cleaned as it passes through various filter media and algae growth is kept under control with integrated UV to guarantee crystal healthy water.

Product Specifications:

  • VOLTAC230/115V
  • FREQ50/60Hz
  • PUMP6500L/H - 10000L/H
  • SIZE540x379x576mm

Nitrate, nitrite, ammonia, phosphate and any unnecessary nutrient in the water will effectively be degraded by the multiple bio filter materials included.

Build-in UVC lamp will kill algae, virus and harmful bacterium in the water.

With its fully sealed design, it’s allowed to place the product lower than water level.

Manual back flush system for easy maintenance.

Provide overpressure reveal function.

Additional Information
Applicable ScopeSuitable for filtration of Koi ponds