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Ultraviolet Sterilization is unmatched in its efficiency, simplicity, and dependability when applied as an algae exterminator in fish ponds. When algae contained in the pond water is exposed to the UV light, it is damaged to the point where the cell cannot divide and reproduce. This genetic damage slowly eliminates harmful algae from the water. UV sterilization is a proven solution to waterborne planktonic algae as well as other harmful pathogen problems. A UV sterilizer is essential if you wish to enjoy crystal clear water in your fish pond!

Product Specifications:

  • VOLTAC230/115V
  • FREQ50/60Hz
  • UV LAMP36W
  • SIZE500x104x87mm

Made with high quality plastic and electronic components, this product is equipped with PL series UV lamp (durable and aging-proof).

The UV lamp produces strong ultraviolet rays, which can effectively kill algae, bacteria and organisms in the water, and restrain the water from turning green or smelly.

The lamp body is designed to be knock-down for easy maintenance.

Multi-stage hose connector suitable for different sizes of tubes.

Highly efficient, energy saving and reliable.

User can observe the working condition of the light tube through a safe transparent hole on the product.

Additional Information
Applicable ScopeSuitable for prevention of algae in fish ponds
Usage FrequencySuitable for whole day usage