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Woman staring at GoldfishAfter finding a good place for the aquarium, the next step is to choose the shape and size of the tank itself. How big our first aquarium is usually depends on how much room we have in our apartment or house


Why do you want an aquarium?

The answer to this question is important because it will definitely make the choice easier. Aquariums can be used as decorations, and then it matters if you put them in a prominent spot in your living room or on your desk. But maybe you’re only interested in one kind of fish and want to keep that one kind in the aquarium. Then you have to change the size to meet their needs. Or maybe you’re interested in the world of crustaceans? Shrimp aquariums don’t have to be big, but one is never enough. If you like it, you’ll definitely want more of it.


Decorative aquarium

If you want the aquarium to look nice in your living room, you should pay attention to how it looks. Aquarium cabinets and lids come in many different colors from the people who make aquarium tanks. They also have different styles of furniture, so it shouldn’t be hard to find a set that goes with the look of your home.


Aquarium set

The size of this kind of aquarium can be up to the owner. The tank will be more impressive, of course, the bigger it is. But a 35x35x35 cube that is set up nicely and shown off will be impressive enough.


Aquariums for breeding

If you want to breed fish, you might want to put in a rack with several tanks. You can put new fish there to keep them safe. You can also put spawners in their own area to raise the fry.

Aquarium shape

Most aquariums have straight panes and are a standard size. They are easy to take care of and don’t get in the way of seeing what’s going on underwater. But if you want something fancier, you might like a semi-circular, corner, hexagonal, or panoramic aquarium.

The most common sizes for straight-sided aquarium tanks:

Aquarium dimensions [cm] Length Height Width Volume


  • 60 × 30 × 30 54
  • 80 × 35 × 40 112
  • 100 × 40 × 40 160
  • 120 × 40 × 50 240
  • 150 × 50 × 60 450

But by far the most popular are simple, classic aquariums. Among them, you will find the widest range of sizes. If you don’t want to buy a complete set, you can easily buy a lid for this kind of aquarium. There are also small tanks in the shape of a cube, which are popular with people who like shrimp and aquatic plants.

Maintenance costs

When planning an aquarium, you should think about how much it will cost to buy and keep up. The bigger the tank, the more it costs to buy and the more you pay for electricity and water each month. The costs will be even higher if the fish you want to keep need special water preparation, like using a RO filter.

Aquarium size

You already know that the size of the aquarium is based on a number of things. The place you have and how much money you have, as well as the fish. There must be enough room for fish to live. If you want to keep big cichlids, you have to change the aquarium to meet their needs. Don’t fall into the trap of buying a smaller tank to use for a short time. Unless you plan to increase the number of your tanks and hope that other family members won’t notice. Even if money and space are a problem, don’t give up. There are a huge number of interesting small fish species. You’re sure to find one that catches your eye and is small enough to fit in a small aquarium

But there is one more rule that every person who wants their first aquarium to follow. Taking care of the bigger tank is easier. It is easier to keep the balance of life in it, and there are more ways to set it up.

The best tank to start with, in my opinion, is one that can hold 60 litres. But bigger is better when it comes to aquariums. You will see for yourself that if you get the aquarium bug, you won’t be happy with just one aquarium for long.

A fish tank is not a glass bowl.

Don’t ever buy a glass bowl! First, because it can only hold a small amount of water, usually no more than 10 liters. It is hard to put in a heater, a filter, and lights. The fish have no place to hide. Water gets dirty very quickly, so it needs to be changed often. There will never be a biological balance in a bowl that makes fish and plants feel good and healthy. This apartment is way too small for the popular goldfish, who usually live in a bowl. One goldfish should have at least 50 litres of space to live in.

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