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MediclayClay has been used in water bodies for hundreds of years because of how “magical” it is. This article breaks down some of the tougher science to look at how clays like Mediclay do what they do and why they work so well.


Taking in harmful ions:


Clay ions have a negative charge and are stacked like sheets on top of each other. This means that they can attract ions with a positive charge, like ammonium and heavy metal ions. Then, these molecules make ionic bonds with the harmful ions. This keeps the harmful ions from hurting the fish or the filter bacteria. Compared to other clay particles, the spaces between the sheets of atoms in montmorillonite clay are much bigger. This increases the surface area and lets more harmful ions be absorbed per clay particle.

To make water clearer:

Mediclay is made up of very small pieces. But compared to other things in the water that make the water look cloudy, clay is a very big particle. Because of this, the tiny particles stick to the larger clay molecules and are pulled down to the bottom of the pond as the clay slowly sinks, making the water clearer. Mediclay acts as a flocculant in this way (it causes particles to clump together). Also, because Mediclay is such a fine powder, the particles stay in the water longer, giving them more time to pick up more particles before they sink to the bottom of the pond.


Good for the health of fish:

Once the Mediclay has settled to the bottom of the pond, many fish will nibble on the clay and eat it. As these particles move through the digestive tract, they will bind to positively charged impurities and encase them. The fish will then throw them out in their waste, where the filter can pick them up and get rid of them. In the same way, anecdotal evidence suggests that any pathogenic bacteria or parasites that are free-swimming or floating are encased by clay particles in the same way and effectively killed. This keeps these pathogens from hurting the fish in your pond, which helps keep the fish healthy. Also, Mediclay has a number of important trace elements and minerals that fish can only get from their food and that help keep your fish healthy.

Helps filter out living things:

Mediclay has carbonates and a number of trace elements that plants and bacteria need to live. The bacteria in the nitrifying filter use carbonates to clean up the ammonia and turn it into nitrite and then nitrate. By adding more carbonates to the water, the filter bacteria can break down ammonia and nitrite, which are made by fish waste, more quickly and efficiently. They can then turn them into nitrate, which is not harmful to fish.


Stops waste from building up:

Mediclay has calcium, which is a mineral that is needed for enzymes to work. In fact, calcium speeds up the action of enzymes, so adding Mediclay makes enzymes work faster and better, so your fish can digest their food better and faster. This cuts down on waste and helps your fish get the most out of the nutrients they eat. It also makes your fish hungry so they can eat more of these nutrients.


Improves the quality of skin and makes colors brighter:

Most likely, this is because the fish is getting more nutrients from its food and because essential trace elements and minerals have been added to its food. Why not give it a try and see if it makes your fish’s colors better? Please tell us!

The ancestors of koi live in clay-rich, muddy ponds, so it’s no surprise that they like it so much when clay is added. It could make the difference between your koi just surviving and thriving in your pond, so why not add some clay?

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