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Pond Equipment

Whether you are just getting started or a professional, we have the best filtration equipment in store. Plus we have a team of experts ready to help you in identifying your needs. 

Dive into our koi world!

The feeling we experience in this hobby is one of the best in the world! Recently completed project from concept design to completion with professional filtration systems & supply  of amazing japanese koi.

Pond restoration

The Japanese Zen Garden! From conception to completion, our team made a happy customer with his dream come true.

K1 Pro filtration

The quality of the water is important not only for the aesthetics but also for your fish health. Aquatic Showroom was approached by the client for support and we delivered & installed the K1 Pro Canister. See the results here!

Bac Filter system

A proper filtration system is key to maintain the beauty & the health of your fish pond. Aquatic Showroom team can assit you in defining your needs and setup the system to blend in your environment.

Rotary Drum filter system

Aquatic Showroom is proud to be the first in Mauritius to introduce the Rotary Drum Professional filter combined with K5 chambers and UV! 

This Koi pond filtration system is considered to be the elite choice among professional koi keepers! 

Oasis koi pond

Happy customer, Happy koi!

Pro filtration systems combined with EHEIM pond pump for crystal healthy water as well as supply of amazing japanese koi.

Velda Clear control

If you’re looking for a reliable pressure filter, check out the Velda Clear Control. It is available for various pond capacity and has proven to be very effective.

Pond filtration

A recently completed project. Having a pond at the main entrance requires a reliable filtration system as this is the first thing your visitors will see. We opted for a combination of Boyu & Grech pond pumps, Velda clear control canisters & bac filters for this client.  


We’ve brought the best in class koi food from recognised brands around the world. YEE, AQUA MASTER, PRODAC & TROPICAL

They have been created to contribute to a healthy growth of your fish. 

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