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Oxygenating salts formulated and produced by PRODAC INTERNATIONAL, which dissolve waste deposited on the bottom of the aquarium causing the waste particles to rise to the surface rendering cleaning easier. AQUASALZ increases the quantity of oxygen which is often lacking in aquariums, above all during the summer season when temperatures are higher. AQUASALZ also maintains the water crystal clear and ensures the safe growth of fish and plants. This product can also be used in saltwater aquarium WITHOUT INVERTEBRATES as it is ideal for preventing the growth of red algae. For best and efficient results we recommend that you pour a small quantity of this mixture into a plastic tube and then “drop” the product directly on the algae to eliminate them.

How to use:

Turn off the water pump or filter for 8 minutes and sprinkle AQUASALZ on the surface of the water. Dosage: a full measure for every 70 litres of water every 15 to 18 days. Keep out of reach of children.

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