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Is a natural soft, porous and gravel (2-6 mm) bottom soil consisting of clay, zeolite and soils rich in trace elements ideal for planted freshwater aquariums. FERTIL PLANT is a natural and nutritional product absorbed through the plant roots ideal for promoting a lush and healthy growth. It also increases oxygenation at the bottom of the aquarium and does not cloud the water.

How to use?
Do not wash the product to avoid eliminating the active substances. Cover the bottom of the tank with a 1 cm layer and then cover with a 6-7 cm layer of gravel. Before filling the aquarium with water we recommend you cover the gravel with a nylon sheet to avoid moving the bottom soil when filling. It is not a PPP (plant protection product). This is not a fertilizer.

A 3,2 Kg bag is sufficient for a 100×40 cm aquarium.

A 1.8 Kg bag is sufficient for a 80×30 cm aquarium.

690.00 MUR

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