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●Installed variable frequency water pump internally and use sine wave frequency conversion technology, which make it more stable and quieter.

●The external digital display controller can adjust the gearposition of the water pump and the daily working time of the UV lamp at will.

●Using ceramic shaft, wear-resistant, no rust, long service life, dual-use of fresh and sea water.

●The filter basket multi-layer design can be placed with different filter materials, and easy to clean.

●Unique design of inlet and outlet parts can make them be more effectively fixed on the fish tank.

●It is easy to completely discharge the air inside the barrel with the siphon principle.



● Color:White&Blue
● Packaging Details:Dimensions L*W*H(MM)/Piece



1.Install pipe fitting and fix water inlet
2.Close the inlet and open the outlet
3.Unscrew the nut and remove the water plug
4.Fill the hole with water and fill the pipe
5.Fill the water plug and screw the nut
6.Open the inlet and perform siphon drainage

Water is automatically sucked into the barrel with the siphon principle, and the air in the barrel is discharged from the water outlet until there is water in the water outlet hose. And finally switch on the power supply

7,690.00 MUR

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