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The aquarium heating plant RS Electrical RS-135 (200W) has a protective plastic mesh or is called a heater, an aquarium heating light to help create a stable aquarium temperature at night or in the cold season.

RS Electrical (Rs-200 w) fully automatic glass heater, fully submersible, auto on off facility, suitable for tropical fresh water fish tanks, planted tanks, saltwater/marine tanks, brackish water tanks, turtle tanks, most trusted, highly durable, maintenance less, double glass protection, technology, full peace of mind, maintains stable aquarium water temperature throughout winter to keep fishes disease less, active. For keeping stable aquarium water temperature heater/thermostat during winter every year is mandatory and this is the model that is suitable for medium to big sized fish tanks.


+ Heating plant RS-135 200W:

Suitable for tanks from 100 – 200 Liters.

Adjust the temperature from 22 – 34 degrees Celsius.

Heater length: 36  cm

Product size: 36 x 4.5 x 8 cm.

Features: Keeping the aquarium temperature stable in the cold season helps fish avoid common diseases caused by temperature changes. The heater is made of glass, the outside has a protective plastic cover to avoid burning the fish. There is a temperature control button to adjust the suitable temperature. Auto shut off when enough temperature


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