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Siso FD Red Shrimp Large Arowana Shrimp Contains fresh shrimp full of nature astacin, Processed by vacuum freeze-drying system, Its Specially Nature Nutrition : Thanks to Under 45 Ultra low temperature freeze-drying system, all natural nutrients will be kept inside the shrimp, such as abundant Protein, Oil, Phosphorus (P), Nature Vitamins & Astacene. Color & Health enhancing. Abundant Protein, Oil, Nature Vitamin can enhance fish’s health & resistance, ensure fish growth, Rich CA & Phosphorus (P) can help fish skeletal, Development & turtle shell growth. Profuse Astancene deliver superior color enhancing effect for fish. Replacement of live bait : Large Arowana shrimp stays all nutrition of fresh shrimp & appertite, It is the best choice for home breeding fish & is best replacement of live bati for breeding large-sized carnivorous aquatic species & sea fish, such as Arowana & Porgies, Such as Oscars, Firemouths, Green Terrors, Dempsevs Etc.

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