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Algin is an aquarium preparation designed to combat and limit the growth of green algae in aquariums. Under favorable conditions for their growth, these algae can turn into a scourge that is difficult to control. Massively growing algae effectively limit and inhibit the growth of higher plants, leading to their dieback over time. For this reason, algae control, although difficult, is imperative. The mass appearance of green algae is favored by increased water hardness and a high concentration of nitrogen compounds.

Active substance: copper sulphate pentahydrate 300 mg / 100 ml.

Usage: 10 ml / 100 l of water every 7 days. Fighting algae requires comprehensive action, which consists of the following elements: improvement of plant life conditions (lighting, fertilization, appropriate plant selection), control of water chemical parameters and, if necessary, their improvement, regular water changes and desludging of the substrate, periodic filter cleaning, stocking control tank and rational fish nutrition. Note! The preparation should not be used in aquariums with roe, hatching, young fry, and crustaceans. Do not use it simultaneously with other aquarium preparations.

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