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Tropical Cichlid Herbivore Small Pellet is a food in the form of floating pellets with the addition of spirulina for everyday feeding of herbivorous cichlids such as Simochromis diagramma and Malawi cichlids of the mbuna group, including Labeotropheus trewavasae, Labidochromis freibergi and Pseudotropheus macrophthalmus. Also recommended as a supplementary food for omnivorous cichlids. High content of fibre regulates digestive processes and protects long intestines against inflammatory conditions. Carotenoids from spirulina enhance coloration of fish. The addition of zeolite promotes a healthy digestive system and the release of toxins from fish’s bodies.

Feeding recommendation Tropical Cichlid Herbivore Small Pellet:
Feed your aquarium fish several times a day with small portions.

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