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Ichtio Pond is a preparation for lakes, which ensures safe and proper development of fish. It is a source of micronutrients that can function well on fish organisms, as well as nutrients for aquatic plants, ensuring growth and healthy appearance. An important group for the treatment of tap water prepared for use in a pond.

This is important, other pond owners use disinfectants with chlorine or its compounds that are toxic to fish. Such water requires special treatment to be safe for lake dwellers. Ichtio Pond is especially important in cases of ichthyophthirius multifiliis.

One package of 250 ml. is sufficient for a volume of 5000 liters. For large aquariums, we recommend pre-treatment in a 2-liter container. Main characteristics :
– highly effective anti-disease agent
– we advise cooking outside the lake
– After use, use Tropical Coco Carb and Bactinin Pond

890.00 MUR

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