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SUPERVIT TABLETS A multi-ingredient adhesive tablets with beta-glucan. SUPERVIT TABLETS A is a food in the form of tablets which you can adhere to the tank glass to observe your fish feeding or put at the bottom, where they will be accessible for bottom feeders. Tablets have been developed for everyday feeding of omnivorous and carnivorous bottom feeding fish, including large catfish. When adhered to the glass, they prove useful in multi-species tanks with small and medium fish. They will also prove useful in feeding exotic snails and aquatic turtles. Nutritional and energetic needs are satisfied by an exceptionally rich formula based on a few dozens of carefully selected ingredients of the best quality, including crustaceans, molluscs and algae. A strong, natural immune stimulator – beta-glucan – and stabilised vitamin C enhance fish’s immune system and increase their ability to fight pathogens.
This food is also available in different forms: Supervit, Supervit Granulat, Supervit Chips, Supervit Mini Granulat, Supervit Tablets B

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